About Us

What makes Nuked H-Town so special?

  • We have NO MUD!!!
  • We have the first and only Nuketown map in Texas.
  • We have the first and only Shipment map in Texas.
  • We have multi level maps.
  • Our attention to detail on our maps is like nothing ever seen in Houston.
  • We have clean air conditioned restrooms not port a cans. You are welcome mom.
  • We have reserved picnic tables for your party.
  • We have plenty of open seating picnic tables.
  • We have music and sound fx.
  • We have brand new paintball markers not worn out stuff that doesn’t work correctly.
  • More than half of our park has artificial grass.
  • We have food and drinks.
  • We have fill stations on our maps not all the way back at the office.
  • We have customer service as our priority not rude people with attitudes serving you like at other paintball places.
  • We have true low impact paintball with lower psi and smaller paintballs.